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Retail PackagingRetail Packaging

Retail packaging is far from just being protection for your product.
It offers advertising that can really make your product stand out amongst the rest and creates impulse buying opportunities.People respond well to attractive packaging, no matter what the product may be. We have the ability to supply you all aspects of retail packaging including blister packs, custom print boxes, bags, pouches, labelling and much more.

Our custom packaging solutions can increase your sales and have people really talking about your product. We can duplicate your current solution or work with you to create a whole new concept. You can provide us a sample of your product and we will come up with a range of unique options.

Wholesale PackagingWholesale Packaging

Well thought wholesale packaging is a necessity to get your products
distributed safely and cost effectively. It is equally important to consider
how you can minimise your freight costs and maximise ease of use for the customer.

With Total Packaging Solutions, you have access to a vast array of different materials, processes and designs that will help you achieve this balance for your products.

Thermo Plastic MouldsThermo Mould Plastics

The process of Thermo-forming is when plastic film is heated until soft enough to be fed into the forming machine. This technique uses heat, vacuum and pressure to form the desired shape. We have worked closely with our suppliers to minimise the normally high set up costs involved. This enables us to create new designs and projects easily and at a surprisingly low cost.

With this in mind, all types of companies, large and small, can take advantage of what this type of packaging can offer.From supportive trays to complete blister packs, we will look after you from design right through to the completed product.


Paper and Plastic labels are available with or without a wide range of coatings for retail, promotional or industrial uses.

We can match materials, sizes, shapes and prints to suit all manual or printer friendly applications (custom roll core sizes are available).


Cardboard TubesCardboard Tubes

Made to order to the customer's specifications for inner diameter, outer diameter, length, thickness and many different strength characteristics to suit a wide range of different uses.

Our cardboard tubes can be printed in many ways including Full Colour for maximum effect to be used as retail packaging or distribution. You can even add a window to further show off your product.

A unique form of packaging that is yet to reach it's full potential.

Tamper Evident StickersTamper Evident Stickers

These multi-layer adhesive labels can be plain or full colour printed to include further product branding or identification, and are designed to break apart on removal, showing clear evidence of tampering.

The labels are constructed of a composite material which can adhere to nearly all surfaces. A secondary clear layer adds durability which ensures that the sticker will stay intact during normal usage, storage and distribution.





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